What is this all about?

Provider Directory Inc. is the premium choice, for claims payment and other organizations in need of a trusted and credible registry environment. The Provider Directory records publicly available information concerning the identity of licensed /certified health care providers and non-regulated providers whose services directly or indirectly generate a claim for benefits. This business solution was created to open up a new world to reduce costs, in a trusted environment where currency and integrity of information are essential.

This initiative will position the industry to combat fraud and foster a more secure claims environment. Members of the Health Care Insurance Industry have expressed a need to ensure that the Service Providers with whom they transact business are qualified to perform the services provided and are members in good standing with their governing bodies.

Provider Directory aggregates data from over 300 Canadian colleges and associations covering 34 provider types and more than 400,000 health care providers.

The development of a Provider Identity Management framework is necessary to meet the needs of insurance and benefit management organizations. The initiative will provide the industry with more efficient claims processing, and electronic commerce in new areas.